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Join the digital realm with your own enterprise application.

We provide mobile app development according to your specific needs and across all platforms

Our services encompass all stages of the app building process

We guide you during the conception of the premise. Then our highly capable mobile app programmers carefully construct it to completion. Whether you’re looking for a popular customer oriented app or a high profile company internal management solution, UX Labs offers an integral option through a wide variety of app development services.

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Custom enterprise application development

For internal operation of your company

Custom software application development

For the general public

Application maintenance and support services

To keep your app working optimally


Application management services also include this process

UI/UX design services

To enhance usability and improve engagement

Cross platform mobile app development services

We ideate, build and offer products adaptable to any platform while preserving our high standard of quality. Every project is number one priority for our group of professional mobile app developers.

Native mobile app development

Our team of professionals can create native apps for Android and iOS systems.

Hybrid mobile app development

By blending native and web app technologies we are able to build cross-platform apps that work in diverse environments.

Wearables and Embedded software

We can either build companion apps for certain wearable devices or integrate them with smart devices or proprietary peripherals.


On top of being an experienced mobile application design company, UX Labs also has provided many startups and corporations with creative and effective tech solutions.


Helping doctors and patients get closer through technological innovation.

e.g. Medical records apps


Easier access to products and services with e-commerce software design.

e.g. Retail application development


Facilitate learning so everyone has a chance of success.

e.g. Google classroom


Connect the whole world by using the most advanced technology.

e.g. Traffic monitoring apps

Artificial Intelligence

Vanguard in technology to improve quality of life for everyone.

e.g. Personal assistant apps

Real Estate

Software solutions for buying or
selling properties.

e.g. Home finder apps, home finance apps


Make your service portfolio management KPIs and other business-related schemes easy for everyone to understand.

e.g. Mobile application management services


Meet the standards of your field by joining the digital arena.

e.g. Personal assistant apps

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It’s an app made with React Native and it’s available on Android. It has a parlay calculator to keep track of sports tickets. Parlaytor includes:

  • Live Updates using websockets
  • Monetized with ads and in-app purchase
  • Third-party integrations for news feed and sports scheduled games

It’s available for Android devices.

Open Parlaytor in Play Store

Parlaytor news feed


It’s an AI personal assistant app made with React Native. gigaaa includes:

  • Third-party integrations for home automation, local weather, news feed and more
  • Fast messaging chat using websockets
  • Secure wallet for money transfer

It’s available on iOS and Android.

Open gigaaa in Play Store

gigaaa home screen

Mobile app design process

Discover an integral solution for your business. We provide you with the ultimate balance between world-class quality and budget conscious products and services by designing an app according to your specific needs and areas of opportunity.


Unite visions under a mutually understandable set of objectives and costs.

Project Initiation

Apply our expertise and experience to find tech-oriented solutions.


Presentation of a plan that includes projected risks and successes.


Transformation from plan to functional product.


Realize test of user acceptance and functionality.


Release of product to its target user base.


Keep the system working and succeeding.