Staff Augmentation, A Specific Solution for Specific Needs

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Business

If you have a business and would like to grow it or raise its quality standard, the outsourcing variant called Staff Augmentation can serve as a tool. The IT area is full of hard-to-fill vacancies for a company, and when a large project causes major stress in the work chain things can get derailed very quickly. 

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics positions can be a nightmare for recruiters. Finding a reliable, experienced worker with the right profile is an almost impossible mission. 

That’s where Staff Augmentation comes in to mitigate the situation. This is an outsourcing option that focuses on finding staff with very specific talents. In addition, it offers flexible work periods.

Employees may be hired for a specific period of time or for the full duration of a certain project. In either case, the staff of the contracting company will maintain direct authority over the workers provided by Staff Augmentation. 

This type of outsourcing will allow delegating certain responsibilities to another intermediary company. The latter will be in charge of contracting, as well as legal issues.

The integration of Staff Augmentation into a business strategy has multiple benefits. Apart from the obvious advantages, such as cost reduction and increased efficiency and productivity, there are other factors specific to this tool that benefit those who use it. 


Reducing effort and time spent in recruitment

Finding the right prospect to fill a vacancy is complicated. But when the job requires a highly specialized professional this task becomes even more challenging. This problem can put companies in a precarious position.

Imagine that a project comes to you that requires extremely specific talents. The first obstacle you will encounter is that the people who could fill those vacancies are already taken. 

And even if you find an available professional, you would have to filter them through your hiring process. By the time everything was ready, the project might have lost momentum and all the effort and time would have been wasted.

This problem can be solved in advance with Staff Augmentation. By hiring an intermediary company to lighten the burden of recruiting and hiring, your business would have the time and resources to focus on other areas.

Increase project scalability

If you have the goal of completing larger and larger projects, Staff Augmentation is a tool that can greatly benefit your strategy. By having highly specialized talent at your disposal, your business will have an advantage over others.

You will find it easier to accept terms with your potential partners that you would normally have to renegotiate. And this could lead to greater resistance from your partners.

Let’s say your company enters into an agreement with another company. But it’s up to your side to provide a very specific service with personnel who are experts in that subject. If there was no subject matter specialist within your organization, you would be forced to change the terms and this would affect your position and your reputation.

However, by hiring an intermediary company that will provide you with a complete team dedicated to the task you require, you will maintain the profile that corresponds to your business. This is one of the benefits that differentiates Staff Augmentation from other outsourcing variants.


The company that contracts a Staff Augmentation service enters into a collaborative relationship with the intermediary company. This situation is advantageous for both.

And although the terms vary with each particular situation, it is generally accepted that the intermediary company will provide a worksite, as well as the entire training process and compliance with legal requirements in the country of the programmers hired. 

For its part, the contracting company’s sole responsibility will be to pay the agreed fee. In this way, they will have the opportunity to focus entirely on the core of your business.

A very marked difference between other types of outsourcing and Staff Augmentation is that the contracting company does not delegate the management of the project to the intermediary company. Therefore, it retains complete control over the direction of its work.

Developers who join through the intermediary company work together with the contracting company’s team. They all cooperate to reach the same goal, which makes it possible to implement more creative and innovative solutions. This gives a new impetus to the project and gives you an advantage over your competitors.


Staff Augmentation is an excellent option for companies looking to excel. This specific type of outsourcing allows them to aggregate talent from a selected pool of programmers. In this way, companies can assemble a competent team in a short time. This opens the door to the realization of more ambitious projects and the optimization of their own services and/or products.

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