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by | May 13, 2022 | Web App

Enhance the performance of your online venture with PWAs.

Before we list some of the most successful web apps it’s important to review a brief definition of what PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are. When building these kind of apps programmers utilize lightweight web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That is how they infuse it with more speed, which is an essential feature for its performance. The final result could be considered a very responsive website with the added functionalities of a native app.


PWAs mimic websites when on a desktop but they become faster and lighter than native apps when in a mobile phone. Among their capacities you can count:

Media capturing

Use the camera of your mobile phone to record video or take pictures.


Get the geographical position of your device.

Bluetooth connectivity

Use a short-range wireless signal to connect with other devices.

Push notifications

Get pop-up messages irrespective of the browsing device.

AR/VR object projection

Enjoy a heightened perspective with these reality simulating technologies.

Offline and low connectivity modes

Restrict background network use and save Wi-Fi usage.

Speech recognition

Enhance your device’s security and facilitate other functions with this feature.

Background updates

Perform updates automatically when the app is not running.


You can think of PWAs as a budget-friendly substitute for native apps with less complexities. This front-end technology aims to deliver a high level of performance regardless of device or network condition. Now that we have a clear enough picture of the place PWAs occupy let’s find out how our selection of ten apps can provide better results than their native counterparts.

1. Starbucks

User-friendly online way to order.

This PWA allows customers to look up the menu, place their order, and add items to their carts without a reliable internet connection.

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2. BMW

Quality content representing the brand’s values.

Enjoy high-resolution images and videos on this fast loading web app. With the launching of this site, BMW saw an increase of 49% in visits.

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3. Soundslice

Advanced music education and practice.

This web app focuses on the learning experience through an innovative music player. It allows users to read and hear a piece of music while studying it at the same time.

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4. MakeMyTrip

India´s most popular travel company.

The fast and reliable experience provided by its new PWA has tripled the conversion rate by reducing page-load times by 38%.

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5. Uber

Rebuilt from scratch as a PWA.

This app was developed to book a car on low-speed, 2G networks which enables quick ride requests to be processed regardless of location and device.

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6. Pinterest

Enhance your engagement.

By integrating PWA technology this company managed to increase time spent in the app by 40% and core engagements by 60%.

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7. Spotify

Streamline your versions.

Powered by PWA technology Spotify’s new version is faster and has a particular and adaptive UI. These improvements also prompt users to add Spotify PWA to their home computer.

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8. Adidas

From underperforming to revenue increase.

After introducing PWA to mobile users with special emphasis on faster user registration, this company saw one of the most successful years in its history.

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9. Trivago

Minimal-data usage.

This company pursued a step-by-step approach to its transformation. However after the elements of PWA technology where deployed user engagement increased by 150%.

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10. AliExpress

Installation-free experience.

After not being able to secure a reasonable amount of native app downloads, this company develop a PWA which elevated astoundingly their cross-border buyer numbers.

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This list is not in order of importance or impact. Rather it provides a map of different PWA aspects that can help businesses improve. We can hopefully learn a lesson from each brand and their success with these types of web apps.

If you’d like to explore some of these options to enhance your business’ reach, please be sure to Contact us!


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