What is Software Development?

by | May 13, 2022 | Software Development

Creating, designing, deploying and supporting the technology all around us.

Software development represents the foundation of any technology company. Programmers write the lines of code that make up programs, which in turn provide intelligent devices with the instructions to respond appropriately to our interactions with them.

But before understanding what software development truly is we should review a brief and concise definition for software itself; it is a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do.

It can be argued that software is the mind of a device while hardware is its body.

Furthermore, the impact that software development has on the world of technology transcends its mere functionality. It also serves as a frame of reference.

Also called Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Development provides an international standard that software companies can use to build and improve their computer programs to create effective products.


Like any complex activity, the development of a ‘device’s mind’ is divided into branches to facilitate its administration, construction and maintenance.

Each type of development encompasses the issues that arise in the pursuit of its specific goal. And although they share some aspects, the final product has a different purpose from the others.

Now that we have a rudimentary knowledge of what software development is and what purpose it serves, let’s explore its three basic types:

System Software

Also called operating system or OS, this type of software is the program computers use to translate input commands. The machine is able to read this language while at the same time controlling its hardware components.

We can use this type of software to construct core functions like operating systems, hardware management, utilities, disk management and operational functions such as that.

Programming Software

It functions as a set of tools that programmers use to create, debug, and maintain applications and programs.

These tools include assemblers, interpreters, compilers, linkers, text editors, debuggers, and more.

Application Software

This is a user-friendly type of software that most people utilize to carry out tasks on their computers and smartphones.

It helps people perform activities through data management software, media players, security programs, anti-virus, software-as-service (SAS) products and other tools like these.


Programmers, software engineers and software developers are the ones that make the bulk of software development. Although they may sound the same to a person with little experience in the tech field, these roles actually have different goals and follow varying methodologies. Once we get to know what kind of work each do and how they overlap we’ll be closer to understanding what software development is and what it brings to the table for the world.


Also called coders, their main function is to write code to program computers. First they usually interpret guidelines that software developers and engineers send to them previously. Then the programmer would utilize a variety of programming languages (such as C++, Java, etc.) to carry the instructions out. Some of the tasks they can get a computer to do include processing online orders, merging databases, routing communications, conducting searches or displaying text and graphics.

Software Engineers

They apply engineering principles to build software and systems to solve problems. Their goal is to devise solutions to solve problems in a general manner, as opposed to merely solving a specific instance of the issue. The complexity of this job increases with the ever escalating sophistication of new products. Their software development goals must now coordinate with the mechanical and electrical framework of every product.

Software Developers

They are closely involved with specific project areas while also driving the overall software development lifecycle. This means that a software developer not only writes code, they work across functional teams to convert requirements into features too. They are in charge of managing teams and conducting testing and maintenance.


Now that we are somewhat familiar with the game and the players, we are ready to learn what impact all of this has on the world.

The technological revolution we have experienced over the last few decades is software-based. More than two-thirds of the global economy is digitally built according to IDC. So not only is the employment landscape shifting rapidly towards software development and other areas related to the digital realm. Also this phenomenon will also create new ways of interacting with technology.

In conclusion, software development is an activity that uses lines of code as building blocks to form the programs that control most of the technology around us. It is essential to the functioning of society and its importance will only increase with time. That’s why companies must make sure to properly organize their programming teams. Only a true professional can offer a comprehensive service that will guarantee solid and effective software development.

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