Beacons, what are they?

by | May 4, 2022 | IoT

Engage users with cost-effective easy to deploy technology: Beacons.

Beacons are hardware transmitters embedded with IoT that detect people nearby and trigger preset actions to deliver experiences.

For instance, a user will pass by a beacon activating it. Then the beacon will send a code with a message to the user’s cellphone. Finally the user’s phone screen will show a notification targeted specifically to them.

Beacons create new opportunities like this to obtain information about your business and users while taking full advantage of smart devices.


With this kind of technology you will be able to reach your target audience in a novel manner.

Utilizing Bluetooth low energy proximity, sensing Beacons transmit a universally unique identifier which is picked up by a compatible app or operating system. The identifier is then used for various purposes, like determining the device’s (beacon) physical location, tracking customers, or triggering other location-based actions.

However the capabilities of this technology are best explored with a particular business goal in mind.


There is a wide variety of alternatives offered by beacons that can improve your company’s competitive edge, especially in the retail and marketing areas. And each of those options are related to a certain type of beacon. They vary on battery life, use cases, level of resistance and other factors. Let’s take a look at the more common ones.

Standard Beacon            

Often they are used for indoor tracking and proximity solutions and usually they are the size of a Wi-Fi router.

Video Beacon                  

It delivers visual information and digital signage by being plugged in the back of a screen.

Parent Beacon                

It is used to track other beacons. The size of a big Wi-Fi router, it can gather data and store it in the cloud among other functions.

Dedicated Beacon         

It serves as an outdoor resistant option for tracking and proximity solutions.

USB Beacon                      

The size of a flash card offers proximity solutions and asset tracking.

Portable Beacon             

It is the size of a credit card and is used for proximity solutions and asset tracking.

AI Beacon                          

It detects movements and gestures of the users and learns from them.

Sticker Beacon                

The smallest of beacons, it is used for asset tracking.

Beacon technology is also applicable in all kinds of sectors. Let’s review some examples:


Navigation, proximity marketing.

Gather data on sports fans and market to them in a novel way.

Service Industry & Tourism

Navigation, gamification, smart hotel rooms.

Provide users with a memorable experience through the implementation of gaming elements.


Asset tracking, security.

Receive the location of all your assets in real time to improve your company’s workflow.


Asset tracking, security.

Enhance reliability of your storage facilities with IoT technology.


Navigation, security.

Build secure geofencing perimeters around any project.


Gamification, navigation, scheduling.

Create an enjoyable atmosphere for all occasions as well as an easy to follow schedule.

Smart Home

Navigation, security.

Provide users with a clear and easy to use navigation system for vast properties.

If you’re interested in evaluating which option suits your business best, please Contact us!

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